Australia could lead with world\’s cheapest renewable energy


\"\"Australia has the potential to produce some of the world\’s cheapest renewable energy, meeting all its energy demands by 2050, in line with the release of a major new study by WWF.

The Energy Report, which breaks new ground with its global study of total energy needs, including transport and energy availability, found that the world\’s entire energy needs could be filled cleanly, renewably and economically within just 40 years.

\”If we continue to rely on fossil fuels, we face a future of increasing anxieties over energy costs, energy security and climate change impacts,\” WWF Director General Jim Leape said. \”We are offering an alternative scenario – far more promising and entirely achievable.

\”The report shows that in four decades we can have a world of vibrant economies and societies powered entirely by clean, cheap and renewable energy and with a vastly improved quality of life.

\”But the report is more than a scenario – it\’s a call for action. However, we must start now.\”

The two-part report contains detailed analysis and a scenario by respected energy consultancy Ecofys, as well as analysis by WWF. It shows that by 2050, the world\’s power, transport, industrial and domestic energy needs could all be met – with only isolated residual use of fossil and nuclear fuels – boosting energy security and reducing pollution and catastrophic climate change.


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