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Green roofs are starting to sprout in American cities

The low scrubland of densely packed succulents is in full fall color, a carpet of green fading brilliantly to red and gold. This 2.5-acre oasis, located among a barrens of blacktop roofs that stretches east to Broadway and west to the Hudson River, would be an impressive sight even if it wasn’t sitting atop the […] … learn more→

Teachers reveal the forbidden phrases

What phrases make teachers bite their lip and stop themselves from saying in the classroom? No sh*t Sherlock! \”Please try to understand before one of us dies\” Am I bovver\’d! He is not the Messiah, he is just a very naughty boy. What part of \”Shut the f*** up\” don\’t you understand? I don\’t blame […] … learn more→

Australia could lead with world\’s cheapest renewable energy

Australia has the potential to produce some of the world\’s cheapest renewable energy, meeting all its energy demands by 2050, in line with the release of a major new study by WWF. The Energy Report, which breaks new ground with its global study of total energy needs, including transport and energy availability, found that the […] … learn more→

The Animal Connection: A New Perspective on What Makes Us Human

Why do humans all over the world take in and nurture other animals? This behavior might seem maladaptive—after all, every mouthful given to another species is one that you cannot eat—but in this heartening new study, acclaimed anthropologist Pat Shipman reveals that our propensity to domesticate and care for other animals is in fact among our species\’ greatest strengths. … learn more→

The Spin Doctor\’s Diary: Inside Number 10 with New Labour

While Lance Price was Alastair Campbell’s deputy in the Downing Street Press Office at the end of the 1990s, and then Director of Communications at the Labour Party, he kept an informal journal of his experiences. Published in full for the first time, these controversial diaries offer a rare and unfiltered perspective of Tony Blair as Prime Minister and the kind of government he runs. … learn more→

I\’m A Climate Scientist – Extended Version -video

While most scientists have learned keep their heads down, a few are beginning to argue that what a scientist knows must inform his or her personal opinions and values. That\’s why a group of young Australian climate scientists released an expletive-filled music video earlier this year. It was an angry rap aimed at those who […] … learn more→