Bachelor of Science (Ecology and Conservation Biology)


This program helps you to develop in-depth skills in analysis and interpretation of these problems through an understanding of the ecology of populations, communities, ecosystems, and their interactions with the natural environment.

Built on an interdisciplinary foundation year in science, the program covers the botanical and zoological background to these topics and the methodologies involved. In your first year you\’ll study a broad range of courses in the biological, physical and social sciences. The second and third years focus on ecological and biological courses, addressing both theoretical and practical issues, with an emphasis on quantitative and qualitative analysis and interpretation of ecological problems and on the oral and written communication of information. You\’ll gain extensive experience in individual and team-based research projects in practical ecology by exploring key concepts and issues in the field.

You\’ll graduate with practical field skills as well as laboratory and analytical expertise and be prepared for a career in conservation management, the management of threatened animals and plants, threatening and invasive species and local, regional and global biodiversity. Students studying at the Gold Coast campus may elect to undertake a minor study in Wildlife Management.