Bachelor of Sustainability (Business)


JCU is recognised as an international incubator for sustainability research and future leaders. Our commitment to sustainable ecological, social and economic advances is the driving force behind our dedicated Bachelor of Sustainability.

Sought-after interdisciplinary skills

Global focus on sustainable industry and communities has never been higher. Solving sustainability challenges demands professionals with multidisciplinary capabilities. This is what our sustainability degree is all about.

Our curriculum includes contributions from several disciplines including:

  • conservation and environmental science
  • marine and tropical biology
  • planning and natural resource management
  • social science
  • business and law
  • anthropology

Leading the charge

Ranked Australia’s leading university in Environmental Science and Management, James Cook University’s commitment to sustainability is clear. This scientific expertise, combined with JCU’s high-quality social and economic teaching capacity, equip the University to deliver a world-leading, multidisciplinary sustainability program.

As one of only two universities in Australia to develop and deliver a dedicated Bachelor of Sustainability at the undergraduate level, JCU is helping to set the agenda and benchmarks for sustainability issues.

Career opportunities

The Bachelor of Sustainability at James Cook University is one of only a few undergraduate degree programs sufficiently innovative and multidisciplinary to give students an employment edge in becoming sustainability practitioners.

”Sustainability is no longer treated within companies as a specialist subject but as an integrated, core business concern”
– Lisa Tarry, Managing Director of Turning
Green Recruitment. The Australian Newspaper, March 2011.