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US Education pathway – paved with Gold?

The educational pathway taken by the United States is paved with some glaring failures. Despite this, US policies remain an El Dorado for Australian reformers. The Rudd Government’s warm embrace of former New York City education chief Joel Klein epitomises the flow of ideas. A new opportunity for Australia to borrow, or learn from, the […] … learn more→

Why Academia needs Ecovillages p.2: Hierarchical vs. Heterarchical

Humans exceeded the carrying capacity of the Earth sometime in the late \’70s, but academia is still catching up to this fact.  In this 10-part blog series, I unpack the old-school “hidden curricula” embedded within much of higher education and considerecovillages as alternative \”campuses\” in which to train leaders for a more sustainable future.  In my […] … learn more→

Huge ancient language dictionary finished after 90 years

An ambitious project to identify, explain and provide citations for the words written in cuneiform on clay tablets and carved in stone by Babylonians, Assyrians and others in Mesopotamia between 2500 B.C. and A.D. 100 has been completed after 90 years of labor, the University of Chicago has announced. To mark the completion of the […] … learn more→

New online education program aimed at curbing dangerous drinking

This summer, new Penn State students attending the University\’s second six-week summer session will be first to complete Penn State\’s new online education program, PSU SAFE (Student Alcohol Feedback and Education). It\’s one of many initiatives Penn State has created to teach students the facts about dangerous drinking. PSU SAFE replaces an online alcohol education […] … learn more→

Climate change is making our environment \’bluer\’

The \’colour\’ of our environment is becoming \’bluer\’, a change that could have important implications for animals\’ risk of becoming extinct, say ecologists from Imperial College London. In a major study published in the British Ecological Society\’s Journal of Animal Ecology, researchers examined how quickly or slowly animal populations and their environment fluctuate over time, […] … learn more→

Harvard sustaining the momentum

From a Harvard Medical School (HMS) team that switched to reusable containers for sharp objects, thereby eliminating 11,000 boxes of waste, to a Harvard Business School (HBS) move to make its executive education programs sustainable, teams and individuals from around the University were recognized for their efforts through the Green Carpet Awards. Presented by the […] … learn more→

Pharmacy students learning in a virtual world

Pharmacy students at The University of Queensland (UQ) are learning how to manufacture, test and prescribe tablet medications in a three-dimension virtual world. UQ\’s School of Pharmacy is one of 10 universities from around the world that has collaboratively developed an innovative pharmacy learning resource using online virtual reality platform ‘Second Life\’. The group has […] … learn more→

Finding ways to protect fish and fishers

Researchers at Australia’s leading coral reef research centre have developed a way to protect both coral reef fish – and the interests of fishers. In pioneering research carried out in Fiji in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoECRS) team has reported a new approach […] … learn more→