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New book explores humankind\’s \’animal connection\’

\”The Animal Connection,\” a new book by Penn State paleoanthropologist Pat Shipman, presents the groundbreaking new idea that humans\’ connection to other animal species may be the driving force behind the last 2.6 million years of human evolution. Reviewers have hailed the book, calling it \”a work of extraordinarily broad scholarship\” and saying that \”animal […] … learn more→

Book Review: Inside WikiLeaks by Daniel Domscheit-Berg

It should be noted that throughout history, profound leaders would frequently associate themselves with a stable, credible, and trustworthy confidante. Perhaps a colleague who could carry out a task without regard for personal risk or expense; someone selfless, who shared the same prevailing vision but could commit to a more abiding approach to building power […] … learn more→

Trafficking for Begging: old game, new name

Trafficking for Begging: Old Game, New Name describes an ugly industry; the exploitation of beggars is a form of human trafficking. The book gives a voice to the thousands of victims and uncovers details of this criminal activity. Apart from the legal and social discussion, the study also looks into psychological theories as to why […] … learn more→

30 great books that teach children to be green

It’s never to early to teach kids to be green. From the moment they are born, kids impact the world, and the sooner they learn to be conscientious of the environment, the better. Learning about protecting the world can be fun, and these books make becoming eco-friendly a fun experience for kids. 1. 50 Simple […] … learn more→

Overcoming the \”Fear of Insignificance\”

In the not-too-distant past, young people aspired to become lawyers and doctors. Now they yearn to achieve the celebrity of a Mark Zuckerberg or Oprah Winfrey — and these goals extend to adults as well. This has wreaked havoc with our self-image, says a Tel Aviv University psychologist, and undermined our sense of self-worth. Extensive […] … learn more→

\’Carbon Markets: An International Business Guide\’

Can the sale of carbon through new and expanding carbon markets help cut global greenhouse gas emissions and if it can, how much can it contribute to slowing climate change? An award-winning book by three Oxford academics asserts that carbon markets have huge potential to bring about emissions cuts. It examines the role of governments […] … learn more→