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Printed journalism may be dying, but books still have a future

The cultural transformation brought about by digital convergence and networked communication has been dizzying, and, for many, disorienting. None of the old certainties – political, corporate, economic – seems to hold, and the future – including the future of writing – is thrown into doubt. In this strange new world, white is the new black, […] … learn more→

Making Cities Work

How do you plan for a Chinese coastal city expected to expand sixty-fold, from 500,000 people to 30 million in 15 years? How do you accommodate its increasing population with rising sea levels? … learn more→

Lund University Research for the Future

Lund University is highly ranked in many international comparisons of higher education and has been consistently placed in the world’s top 100 universities in recent years. Lund University is the highest placed comprehensive university in Scandinavia, according to the Times Higher Education 2010 rankings … learn more→

Global Emission Trends

Global carbon emissions to double in 20 years The recently published Global Emissions Trends analysis projects that in a \”business as usual\” scenario (i.e. no changes to carbon emission policies) global carbon emissions will double by 2030. … learn more→