The best cities for College Graduates



Recent college graduates have enough to deal with after they trip glide across the stage to receive their diploma. After prepping their resumes and job hunting for hours on end with no luck they might soon find that graduating college wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

Sometimes a change of scenery is needed and before you know it you’re packing up your car, selling your furniture on craigslist and making the trek over to a new city. While the economy might still be in the dumps (or is it?), there are some cities that are thriving better than others. If you’re considering making the big move, here are some cities you’ll want to consider.

Washington D.C.
As the public service industry continues to grow this is one place where the jobs are at. In 2010 the city was ranked high on the list of job growth hiring thousands in government and government related fields like homeland security and public health. The job outlook remains positive through 2012. Unfortunately this is also the priciest city on the list with rent averaging $1,000/month plus the need to cover commuting costs around the city.

Charlotte, N.C
\"\"From high rent to rent below the national average at $774/month; Charlotte is the second largest banking hot-spot in the nation. The two biggest employers: Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Queen city is also home to a majority of the NASCAR offices as well as the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Energy-oriented jobs have also begun to flourish with over 200 companies in the energy sector calling Charlotte their home.

Philadelphia, P.A
If you’re looking for low unemployment rates and a higher number of job prospects, consider moving to the city of brotherly love. With their unemployment rate at about 8.5%, Philly added 22,000 jobs last year in the medical field and education. While a flourishing job market may lure you in, this one may not be for the families as the city has high crime rates.

Omaha, N.E
While Nebraska may not rank high on a typical city for a college graduate to move to, think again. Once you discover a 5.1% unemployment rate (a bit over half of the national average), Fortune 500 companies, low rent and a considerably large metro area you may find the city more enticing than others. Discover the Midwest à la Lewis and Clark and head on over to Nebraska.

Baltimore, M.D
\"\"This city has a few things that each of these other cities doesn’t– a higher than average income rate, steadily climbing income growth and a lower than average unemployment rate. Charm City is also in traveling distance from D.C and has had lowering crime rates for several years. Home to another big group for Fortune 500 companies, you’ll surely fall in love with “the greatest city in America.”