Communicate, communicate, communicate!



These are uncertain times for a lot of people and organizations. Unfortunately, uncertainty creates what I call a VOID and my theory is that where there is a VOID, negativity will fill it.

In my work with people and organizations, I’ve found that when there is a void of clear and positive communication, people start to assume the worst and act accordingly. Employees not only want to be seen and heard, but they also want to see and hear. The same goes for bank customers, citizens of countries, professional athletes, teachers and parents, students and everyone.

At the root, it’s all about fear. When we are uncertain, fear and negativity creep in and dominate our thoughts, behavior and actions. This leads to a lack of trust, productivity, focus, teamwork and success. Instead of taking positive actions to thrive, we go into survival mode and just try to survive.

Recently, I heard from a President of a company who read Soup and told me how he gathered all of his colleagues and employees and shared a new vision for the future. He identified the challenges they experienced in the past, their current status, the direction they were headed in the future and why they were going to be successful. He filled the void with positive communication and positive energy.

You and I must do the same. Regardless of our situation, we must consistently fill the void with positive communication. Leaders, I encourage you to get on the phone or personally meet with your company as often as possible and share your vision for the future and your fiscal status.

Managers, communicate to your people. Give them feedback. Let each person know where they stand. Talk about their fears. Explain your plan of action. Tell them how you plan to win in the marketplace.

Sales people, talk to your customers. Call them up. Meet with them. Ask about their fears and needs. Show them a positive vision for the future and explain how you are positioned to help them get there.

If you always fill the void with positive energy, then negativity and fear can’t breed and grow.

Now more than ever, communicate with your organization, communicate with your team, and communicate with your customers. Positive communication helps develop trust. Trust leads to successful relationship. Successful relationships grow your business in any economy.