Costa Rica: Tropical Ecology, Development and Social Justice in Monteverde



Be Part of the Solution! Explore the impact of global trends and policies on sustainable development, and environmental and social justice. Study the interrelated issues of environmental, economic and community sustainability in Monteverde, Costa Rica – one of the most unique and fragile environments on earth. National Geographic denotes Monteverde as \”the jewel in the crown of \”cloud forest\” reserves\”. Come walk in the clouds among the largest number of orchids in the world, where resplendent quetzals flash through the trees and howler monkeys sound the morning wake up call.

  • Experience Costa Rica
  • Engage with Monterverde area farmers who have always farmed organically, who formed cooperatives to promote Fair Trade before that term was invented.
  • Study social justice and development
  • Engage in an academically rigorous, experientially based course of study that looks at sustainability from all sides — integrating social, economic, environmental and personal aspects.
  • Learn Spanish by engaging with your host in service learning projects such as reforestation.

Academic Credit

Earn 16 transferable credits through the University of Massachusetts Amherst

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* University of Massachusetts Amherst credit… Included