Crowdsourcing for online education- Reasons for its popularity



Before we tell you more about Crowdsourcing helping students fund their education online, let us learn what this concept is all about. This is a write up which would give you in-depth knowledge on the term, how it is used and how the community at large can be helped as well. Hence, please read on and be well-informed for the same.

What is Crowdsourcing?

There are no set definitions for the term Crowdsourcing. However, the term is basically used for ideas being utilized in an apt manner, which helps in finding solutions for the community members out there. For example, if there are vested interests by a certain community in finding ways to promote or fund an idea, a solution would be needed for the same. Basis this, the concept would come into play and benefit the community too.

In this day and age, the role of this concept is wide and large. Even places of learning, such as online universities too are taking interest in Crowdsourcing, for the benefits it brings. Today we shall show you five important benefits of this concept and how it has helped many.

1. Prospective students are helped

You could be in college, high school or even in a university of prestige; this campaign can help you fund your education. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the internet at large, one can campaign and collaborate with likeminded individuals. Universities can use Crowdsourcing to bring in more support by posting messages of interest over social networking sites and various blogs or forums too.

2. Seek expert help and advise

Participation and collaboration are very important in running an able education system. The best way to get everyone in an educational set up involved would be through Crowdsourcing. Plenty of experience and knowledge would come around in such forums. Members with the least experience and expertise would learn from the bigwigs and vice-versa. Crowdsourcing helps with best practice sharing, and one doesn’t need to be an expert to share the little knowledge they have.

3. Managing your money

Believe it or not, Crowdsourcing can actually save you money, because you would study online. Your teacher could be miles away from you, maybe seven seas away too, and yet you would get the best lessons delivered. It is seen that when you actually pay for something online, as a student you would have less time to criticise and get distracted, while spending more time on learning and putting in efforts. Crowdsourcing also brings down the number of hours made mandatory for every college instructor. This gives the student more time and opportunities to work on their assignments, learning as they go, even if they make mistakes.

4. Learn how to design your plans

In some online portals of learning, some instructors teach many courses. This hampers them to create lesson plans for the students. With Crowdsourcing, all of these are eliminated, because the community with like-minded individuals help one another on subjects they find interesting. This is team work which is encouraged and lesson plans often come up with everyone pitching in.

5. Opinions are respected

Everyone’s opinion is respected and using Crowdsourcing, colleges understand the needs and wants of students individually. Students want to know about the issues happening around, what their college is up to and for that Crowdsourcing helps with opinions being honoured. This is one of the best ways and very cost effective mechanisms for the colleges to use, no surveys, long polls and questions asked at the end of the year. This means time, money and energy saved at all costs. Suggestions are heard, right from the university big-wigs to the new entry, students to the staff members, everyone feels proud of being associated with the college online. There would be more solidarity and understanding as well.

Indeed, Crowdsourcing creates the right resource for learning online; however, the concept would only gain momentum when implementation for the same is done. There are many universities allowing students to work on problem solving and issue management. This is both on the college levels and also with their personal lives too.

Author Bio: It is the real time experiences which helps students and saves their money, most problems are a thing of the past when Crowdsourcing comes around. Crowdsourcing thus has proved to be very beneficial for many online education colleges, says Gina Lambs. To know more on what the author has to say about Crowdsourcing, check online for her advice and posts.