How on earth do we cleanup this darn green mess? With love, the Solyndra story.



According to Friday’s edition of the Huffington Post (dated 10.28.2011), I noticed an article written by L. Graves describing potential changes to be made with existing stimulus funding and its loans.  It turns out that Washington D.C. and the White House are in the process of fully reviewing, monitoring and controlling financing that have been released to companies and vendors by the Department of Energy.

This is being done since the California based company Solyndra, who have received support under the Obama Administration, did file for bankruptcy over a month ago.  They received a guaranteed loan amount two (2) years ago totaling $535 million dollars.  In addition, congressional leaders are considering having a vote “authorizing a subpoena for internal White House communications relating to the Solyndra loan guarantee.”

Bill Daily, the White House Chief of Staff stated Obama \”is committed to investing in clean energy because he understands that the jobs developing and manufacturing these technologies will either be created here or in other countries.”

The evaluation will last for about 60 days as DOE’s procedures will be investigated and with little luck, brainstorming and feedback will be offered on any or pricey loans that are suspected to in this particular situation.  Let us be hopeful that the government is not trying to hide behind a closed door or attempting to pacify this very serious matter.  Something like the Freedom of Information Act may offer what is needed to further expose those who look deeply into the mirror, as sadly may be the same administration who may have taken part of the Solyndra execution in the first place.

Obama stated he was not responsible as I believe he may be correct, nonetheless, I believe that the buck stops with him regardless of potential lobbyist intervention or his specific involvement in the situation.

Dear Mr. President, I’m looking for that man looking inside the mirror for this is how politics works.  First you smear the Clean Air Act, and now this?  Going green is not supposed to mean that money should be going gone.  Need to accept the responsibility for if you do not, you may be the next statistic out of a job.