Have eco friendly holidays with recycled holiday cards



One of the most popular holiday traditions is to send out seasonal greeting cards. Festive Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year\’s cards are decoratively displayed at home and in the workplace. Help to keep the holidays eco friendly by using recycled holiday cards.

Recycled greeting cards are no different than regular greeting cards except they are made from recycled products. Think of how many trees could be saved if only 10% of card senders used recycled products. A simple Internet search will bring up numerous companies that sell recycled cards. However, there are a few standout sites that should be considered.

Featuring Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year\’s cards is CardsforCauses.com. This company has FSC certification and according to the site their cards, \”are made from a product from well-managed forests, controlled sources and recycled wood or fiber.\” In addition to regular cards the company also offers photo cards and free personalization.

So what makes this company different than other companies that sell recycled cards? It\’s not just about profit. It\’s also about giving back. 20% of the price of the order is donated to the charity of your choice.

Another site worth checking out is PaperCulture.com. All cards and envelopes are 100% post consumer recycled. In addition, the company uses only recycled paper for packaging. Holiday products include Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, holiday party invitations and New Year\’s cards.

What\’s unique about this company is that it will plant a tree in your honor with every order.

Who hasn\’t heard of the Sierra Club? It\’s the oldest and largest environmental organization in the United States. For years it\’s been working to help the planet.  SierraClub.com offers beautiful, winter nature scenes on their holiday cards which are perfect for any religious denomination. The cards are printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks.

There are many different ways to enjoy eco-friendly holidays. One of them is through the use of recycled holiday greeting cards. Using recycled cards saves trees which has a very positive effect on the environment, while still allowing festive greeting cards to be sent to help celebrate the holidays.

Recycled holiday cards are only the beginning of what people can do to have eco friendly holidays. Consider buying a living tree to use as a Christmas tree.  When the holidays are over, the tree can be planted.  Use solar or LED lights for decorating.  When shopping, be careful to avoid products that are plastic.  What other ways can you think of to have eco friendly holidays?