Do educated people make better parents?



Usually when you think of school for adults, night school is the first thing that comes to mind. A classroom filled with parents getting their GED or working on a college degree. This isn’t far from correct, but a new system in Philadelphia is changing the way we envision adult school.

Parent University works with parents to essentially become better teachers for their children. If you’re a parent and have ever encountered an algebra problem, history question or science equation you’ve probably said “ask your father/or mother” Why? Because kids these days aren’t learning the same thing you did at your age.

There are no refresher courses, or ways to keep up with the evolving education system. This is where Parent University steps in, to teach parents better computer skills, calculator skills, mathematics reviews and more. You’ll no longer have to fear geometry equations, fractions and science you haven’t heard about for decades.

If you’re not near the Philadelphia area or other cities where this trend has hit such as Boston or Mesa, you’ll want to consider a college degree. After all, children whose parents have college degrees are often better prepared to succeed in school. Parents with degrees are also more likely to be involved in educational activities with their kids including reading to them at an early age.

Many students whose parents go on to complete their degrees are also inspired by their parents. They often become a motivator for higher education.

Parents who decide on an online education also learn new technology skills. Those who have been out of the loop for years get the chance to learn new skills in programs like Microsoft Office and to explore the internet (I apologize in advance for this to all you children out there).

There are many reasons, beyond money, to go back to school and for your children (current or future) should be one of them.