Are energy drinks harmful to students?



Everyone knows that Red Bull give you wings, but is that temporary high a little too suspect? The University of New Hampshire thinks so, as the establishment took several steps to ban energy drinks from the entire campus.

It’s all part of the University’s plan to become the healthiest school in the United States by year 2020. The institution is well on its way to set that precedent, having already removed trans fat items from the dining menu, as well as salt shakers missing from tables.

Then again, those cafeteria hamburgers cooked in grease, or the grilled cheese on white bread aren’t exactly the model for healthy living. For the most part, energy drinks are at least sugar free alternative to soda, and probably aren’t as easy to abuse as say, a caffeine pill. Many of the ingredients are even vitamin based to a degree. Still, officials at the University saw the dark side.

Perhaps one of the main concerns revolving around energy drinks is there misuse and abuse. When mixed with alcohol, the resulting elixir can potentially have a dangerous effect on an individual’s mindset. There are other ongoing debates on whether the drink is actually unhealthy or not.

Still, is the energy drink ban too extreme?  Students seemed to think so, and they took to Twitter and Facebook in spades, expressing their negativity in light of the planned change. The response was so overwhelming that within a few hours time President Mark Huddleston pulled the plug temporarily. He explained the reason being “conflicting reports about caffeine and sugar content”, as well as wanting more involvement from students before coming to a conclusion.

Perhaps these kinds of constricting rules could sway more students into the growing world of online education, where flexibility is not only greater, but also the statute of limitations is not as harsh. It does seem silly that an energy drink would be singled out for attack when it likely has advantages when measured against other certifiably toxic food items. Oh well, at least students who take online classes will likely be enjoying countless energy drinks while they pile away terms papers into the night. The rest of you campus dwellers may have to stash the Red Bull in a secret hiding place, along with the salt, for safe keeping.