Environmental science


Environmental scientists have training that is similar to other physical or life scientists, but is specifically applied to the environment. A broad scientific knowledge is required which may also involve an understanding of economics, law and the social sciences.

The undergraduate degree course offered by the School of Natural Sciences has been designed to provide for the needs of students with an interest in this rapidly developing academic and professional field. The programme comprises specially designed modules plus suitable modules from contributing disciplines. There should be ample choice within the listed optional modules for a selection which reflects a particular student’s interests.

Field work is a core component of the course structure. Students attend field excursions in their Junior Sophister (third) year; students have a choice of up to three field trips which they can attend, as well as a mandatory introductory field trip. In addition, optional trips offered by Zoology and Botany allow the possibility of students to attend field courses in Terrestrial ecology, and a Mediterranean field trip.