Glenn Beck vs Environmentalists


To some, Glenn Beck represents a voice of sanity and common sense in an anti-conservative world. To everyone else, he\’s a fear mongering, anti-progress televangelist who carelessly demonizes those with whom he disagrees. \"\"

I believe that all self-proclaimed members of the green movement and believers in sustainability should view Glenn Beck as the latter. Fortunately, Beck himself has been providing all the evidence one could ever need to understand why the staunch conservative couldn\’t care less about sustainability and pro-earth causes.

My first example of Beck\’s anti-environment rhetoric combines both his disingenuous ideological views and his sad habit of contextually lying. Back in October (2010), Beck took aim at one of his all-time favorite targets, environmentalists. Why wouldn\’t he? What\’s scarier than people who are trying to keep the earth viable for human habitation? Especially in an election season. Specifically, he suggests that environmentalists will \”execute\” climate change skeptics, and plays a curious victim card (painting climate deniers, or businesses, as victims to a violent liberal \”church of climatology\”).

This isn\’t the first time Beck has raised the completely inept argument that conservatives and businesses that question climate science are being demonized by the leftist pro-environment community. In fact, he regularly does it from his soapbox on Fox News every day, by pulling words out of context and blatantly lying to erect an obvious straw man. If Beck were right, then why does MSNBC\’s Dylan Ratigan, a fairly notable denier of global warming, go totally unscathed by the \’leftist environmental community\’?\"\"

Naturally, Beck doesn\’t stop short of blasting the green movement for political gains. If Glenn doesn\’t like a certain economic policy moving through Congress, everything is fair game–especially sustainability, apparently.

Breaking out his trademark chalkboard of speculation, Beck tries to link health care reform to the green movement (back in 2009) via White House science adviser John Holdren, arguing that people in the green movement see humans as viruses. At roughly 01:00, take note of the reaction from Beck\’s panelists after he lays down his hypothesis. It gets even more awkward on set at 01:56 when Beck suggests the environmental movement is all about eugenics and creating a master race, considering that none of the hand-picked \’experts\’ at his table could agree with his ridiculous social justice conspiracy.

Surprisingly, this self-described clown has been fairly successful with his goal to derail progressive legislation in favor of his corporatist policy agenda. In summer 2009, Beck used his special brand of fear-mongering and twenty-first century McCarthyism to take a swipe at Van Jones, President Obama\’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. Beck\’s campaign to \”uncover\” Jones as a radical Communist ultimately led to Jones\’ resignation from his job in the Obama administration.

\"\"To summarize a history of one man\’s attempt to deface and stain the pro-earth movement in favor of his corporate masters\’ agenda, Glenn Beck has every right to advance his views in the court of public opinion. One of the biggest flaws in the environmental lobby, however, is its inability to fully comprehend and expose the reasons why its opposition disagrees with basic human intuition (the inclination to be good stewards of the earth). However, the green movement, as passive as it has been, must understand where its opponents stand.

The environmental lobby is composed of individuals who deeply care about sustainability, and is being directly targeted by a man who\’s sold his soul for Newscorp, Goldline and numerous other corporate sponsors. If sunlight is the best disinfectant, the green movement–the group of people that cares about the next generation\’s world–needs to expose the corrupt lethality of Glenn Beck\’s anti-environment agenda.