Three good reasons why we should recycle



Recycling is good for our community and economy. It reduces pollution and unnecessary accumulation of waste.  Any environmentalist will agree that recycling conserves our natural resources.

No doubt, numerous recycling lists to “live by” have been written and put forward by concerned citizens and non-profit organisations.  Why indeed recycle? Here are carefully chosen reasons – simply three –  why everyone, from the concerned individual to the local community councils and enterprising business companies have prevailed in the recycling activity.

1. Recycling Saves Energy and Resources

Each time energy is used up, so are essential, non-renewable resources. The energy used to produce the metal for one aluminium can is perhaps the same as that needed to recycle around two dozen. The energy required to make two hundred aluminium cans is equivalent to two weeks petrol for an average motorist, thereabout.

Natural resources will last longer if we recycle instead of using raw materials – each tonne of recycled paper saving half a hectare of trees. No wonder, many publishing houses have been smart to recycle their daily printed publications.  This is certainly good news for advocates of tree conservation.

2. Recycling Creates Job Opportunities

Nowadays, companies have become involved in recycling, from paper to computer recycling. Recycling has become a modern growth industry. Computer-related recycling includes recycling of computers, monitors, equipments and other hardware accessories. With overflow of paper and other recyclable materials in office recycling bins, companies need more and more people to collect and sort goods. So do local community councils as outdoor recycling bins become a part of an ideal solution designed to support waste program.

3. Recycling Earns Cash

Ever heard of “trash is cash”?  With the advent of Apple’s iPods and iPhones, old mobile phones recycling has been traded for cash. Also, the sale of recyclable materials can earn money for schools, clubs and charities.

How about garage or car boot sales?  Since the original form of the items is often preserved, this is considered a best kind of recycling. What’s junk to one person is a treasure to another.

Scrap metals and aluminium cans are also worth considering. Aluminium companies buy aluminium cans. It’s a way to earn extra pocket money for the kids. Some people collect them in public places including beaches and parks.  Look around your home for possible trash for cash.

Certainly, recycling is a major step towards a sustainable future but needs participation of everyone to make it workable.