Green Careers: Sustainable Agriculture


Product Description

This program provides an inside look at an organic farm and a grocery store and discusses the day-to-day challenges and rewards of working in this field. Organic farming includes a wide range of jobs in production, marketing and distribution. It is a major part of the trend toward a sustainable agriculture that strives to produce healthy food in ways that also maintain the health of the land and farmworkers.

Organic farming is a very competitive business, but for people with an interest in growing food, plus muscle power and brains, it can be fulfilling. Many people in this industry grew up on farms, but there are opportunities to start at an entry level and learn the business.

Jobs profiled in this program include:
Farm Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Organic Produce Buyer.

Part of the Green Careers series that cover eight new and growing industries giving young people a behind-the-scenes look at what it\’s like to work in a variety of jobs in each sector. In on-the-job profiles, we meet entrepreneurs, scientists, field biologists, engineers, managers and interns.

Also included is information on the educational requirements for entering various fields. By becoming stewards of our environment, young people who choose a green career can help solve the greatest problems of our time while finding work that matches their personal interests and values.