Griffith University EcoCentre



The Griffith University EcoCentre is nestled within the Toohey Forest on the Nathan campus of the university. Its bushland setting is ideal for environmental education programmes, exhibitions, conferences, meetings and training seminars.

Visitors to the EcoCentre enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the forest with access to state of the art teaching, exhibition and conference facilities.

Our mission

To be an innovative and dynamic information and resource centre promoting:

* Sustainable development
* Environmental education and research
* Community partnership

As part of the School of Environment and Planning, we promote an encouraging message that the knowledge, existing framework and resources to develop a truly sustainable world already exists.

The building itself acts as our primary education tool, with features1 that incorporate the key principles of sustainable design.

Our innovative approach to promoting sustainable ways of living and working also involves the development and delivery of public awarness education programs in partnership with industry, government and the community.

The Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre operates from within the EcoCentre and provides environmental education programmes and activities for schools and students.

The construction and operation of the EcoCentre follows strict \’eco-design\’ principles, and features solar energy, ambient ventilation and lighting, rammed earth walls for temperature regulation, rainwater collection for \’greywater\’ use, and wet composting toilets. All features reflect domestic scale environmental technologies that can be used in the family home.