How much do YOU know about Science?


Take the interactive test that researchers used to find the average American only gets a C grade

When put to the test, Americans rate a solid if unspectacular C in science, a new study has found.

The Pew Research Center found in a basic quiz of a dozen random science questions, Americans got eight correct, according to an online survey of more than 3,200 adults. 

The questions ranged from what kind of waves are used in cell phones to interpreting a scatterplot graph. 

Take the test below

\"ScienceQuiz_banner\"How much do you know about science topics?

Test your knowledge of science facts and applications of scientific principles by taking our short 12-question quiz. Then see how you did in comparison with a nationally representative group of 3,278 randomly selected U.S. adults surveyed online and by mail between Aug. 11 and Sept. 3, 2014 as members of the Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel.

When you finish, you will be able to compare your scores with the average American and compare responses across demographic groups. The analysis of the findings from the poll can be found in the full report, “A Look At What the Public Does and Does Not Know About Science.”