Human universals, money, and politics


Behind the current angry rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and blame-storming, some universal truths about life, power, and money are playing out as they always have.


Human Universals and Politics

After two years of intense study, skepticism, and questioning, I see a Big Picture as relates to human life expressed in politics. According to Donald E. Brown in Human Universals, humans tend to end up ruled by a de facto oligarchy, no matter what form of government  they start out with. An oligarchy is rule by the elite, by the noblemen, the wealthy, the life-hoarders. In America the top 20 percent who own 85 percent of the resources rule the rest of us, who must share the 15 percent that\’s left over. In America, the 15 percent that is left over is still significant enough to keep us from rising up and overthrowing the oligarchs. It\’s not enough to keep us from feeling something is wrong, not enough to prevent the germination of conspiracy theories, or to quell the clamor of angry, and often misdirected, rhetoric. We are kept unaware of the Big Picture by the careful manipulation of public opinion. Another human universal is the resistance to dominance; humans resent domination, and if we ever perceive that we are dominated, we will resist, like the masses who thronged the streets in Egypt and overthrew Mubarak.

De Facto Oligarchy

When monarchs ruled by divine right, they and their favorites were the oligarchs. When the USSR ruled by supposedly egalitarian principles, in reality top party members and their cronies functioned as oligarchs. The U.S., that adolescent nation full of energy and ideals, has so mistaken the \”pursuit of happiness\” to mean  the pursuit of money, that clever life-hoarders have accumulated most of the resources of the nation and they have become our oligarchy.  They have bought politicians, bought up the media to control the flow of information, and have effectively bought the U.S.A.  It is a matter of life-and-death to them that we remain blind, divided, and unaware of our true condition. Watch for (and resist!) further attempts to control free speech, free assembly, free press, and free internet.

Hoarding Life

I have used the phrase \”life-hoarders\” and I should explain that. We each have a life, certain skills and physical and social abilities. The power of our life, and all power, ultimately comes from the Source of life and power, not from human scheming.; human scheming can only usurp the power that it has. Each human has his or her own life, X number of hours in the day, and the consciousness to plan how to spend it. Many of us trade hours of our life for X amount of money in order to buy those things we need to sustain our life.

Money is Spiritual

Money is not evil, but it is spiritual and therefore powerful, in that it represents our life. If we make $15 an hour, then we have traded an hour of our precious life for $15. When we spend the money, we are trading an hour of our life for the $15 item. When we buy a  $15 item on credit, we are trading an hour of life plus some of our future life for the item purchased. If we pay interest, we are donating hours of our future life to someone who is not trading his own to obtain $15, but is rather hoarding up our future life for himself because he has come up with a life-hoarding scheme.

Life-Hoarding Schemes

In the documentary The Card Game, the man who started the big credit card scheme to extend credit to low-income people on the (valid) theory that they would not pay, but would become enslaved to the ever-increasing interest-this man lives in a palace, paid for by hoarding the lives of others. Life-hoarding schemes among banksters helped lead to the Great Recession of 2008. The banksters are also living in palaces, because the great mass of people are unaware of the truth. They are unaware because information is controlled by-guess who?

Deceitfulness of Riches

Jesus said the love of money is the root of all evil; the love of it, the hoarding of it, the lust for it. Why hoard money? Because it contains power, the power of all the lives that produced it. When money is transferred into the hands of a few, power is also transferred into the hands of a few. The hoarders have some vague idea that more money gives them more life; and in a temporary way this is true. Yet they will die, no matter how much they hoard. Consider Michael Jackson, a man who could afford his own personal on-site physician, yet his body has been moldering in the grave for over a year now. This is what Jesus referred to as \”the deceitfulness of riches.\”

Power of a Human Life

In Egypt, people were either very wealthy or getting by on about $2 a day. This went on for some time, until one day the people had enough. Although the elites had hoarded life to excess for many years, the combined real-time lives of the protesters was too much for the hoarders, and the government fell. A human life is a spiritually powerful thing and when humans are willing to pay their whole life to purchase freedom, there is not enough hoarded life residing in the vaults of the oligarchs to resist it.