Improve your job potential by playing games



Want to be better at your job? Some studies show that playing games is the key in improving some job skills. One study in 2012 reported improvement in spatial manipulation that is useful for navigators and architects, after only two weeks of participants playing a maze game. Brain teasers such as crossword puzzles and Sudoku are well-known for stretching the brain, but a surprising number of fun games can create a positive impact on the brain as well, improving memory and other critical attributes that help in the job market.

Old-School Games

According to The Franklin Institute, the brain is a muscle and flexing it regularly makes it stronger. You can improve your memory, which is a useful function in almost any job, by playing simple games that cause your brain to work in a new direction. Older games such as crossword puzzles, chess, Scrabble and even bingo give the brain enough stimulation to cause measurable improvement.

Tiny Details Count

A study by the Journal of American Geriatric Society indicates playing video and computer games, which demand a high amount of concentration on small details, can actually slow the decline of cognitive brain function and make your thought reactions work more quickly. It\’s important to find games that are constantly changing and challenging your mind, such as hidden object games from iWin. These games require you to pay attention to the tiniest details. Plus the levels tend to get more elaborate and complicated as you progress in the game. The premise of hidden object games is to find a long list of items hidden in fiendishly complicated pictures or photographs, so concentration and a sharp eye are instrumental. As the games get more difficult they become more of a mind workout, keeping your brain in top condition.

Brain Training

Numerous companies have sprung up online based on the principle of neuroscience, filled with progressively more difficult games and puzzles. These sites are specifically designed to increase brain function, memory and reaction by giving the brain a small workout each day. Most of the sites offer multiple types of puzzles each day such as math, spatial recognition and word usage. Some brain puzzle sites are limited, but the best of them offer a variety of games that increase stimulation for many cognitive functions.

Multi-Player Games

All of the evidence in brain function studies shows that social interaction is an important element in keeping a person\’s mind sharp and aware. You can combine the best of both worlds by playing multi-player games of all types. Find a friend and have regular matches of chess or backgammon. Sign up for the ultimate interaction by creating a character in Second Life or another MMORPG (massively multi-player online role playing game). You can play these games for years, meeting new people as you progress in the environment, and each experience is based entirely on how you want to play. You can challenge yourself with quests with your friends or hold friendly competitions to see which of you can create the finest home base. The point is to have fun with others while stretching your mind to keep yourself sharp.

Author Bio: Russell is a health and fitness writer by day and a jazz pianist by night.