India: Integral Sustainability at Auroville



Study abroad in Auroville, an international community along the tropical coast of southern India dedicated to promoting human unity. Participate in an academic program that fosters collaborative inquiry, critical thinking, and dialogue while exploring daily awareness practices such as yoga, non-violent communication, and meditation.

Through engagement with a holistic approach to world issues that encompasses inner, cultural, and outer processes, you broaden and deepen your understanding of sustainability issues. Opportunities to learn about and have hands on experience with habitat restoration, local organic food production, teaching in local schools, working with village action groups and more helps students build a growing theoretical and practical understanding of issues relating to local and global sustainability.

Empower yourself and learn to empower others through a process whereby what you learn is integrated with how you live.

Academic Credit

Earn 16 transferable credits through the University of Massachusetts Amherst

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* University of Massachusetts Amherst credit… Included