La Trobe University on iTunesU



‘Since its launch in October 2009, La Trobe University on iTunes U has become an important platform for engaging current and prospective students,’ said Deputy ViceChancellor (International and Development), Professor John Rosenberg.

‘It provides an excellent environment for reaching a large Australian and international audience who would otherwise miss the opportunity of accessing the teaching of some of the best minds this country has to offer. It’s also the ideal place for us to show our academic knowledge and research to the world.’

Five podcasts from La Trobe have ranked in the ’Top 100’ on iTunes U and more than 450 are available to download. The University was recently the first in Australia to upgrade to the new iTunes U design 3.0.

Since 2009 the University has been providing a wide range of free material including lectures, interviews, and videos, reaching thousands of new listeners and potential students on a daily basis.

Notable interviews include former Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Fraser, Nobel Prize winner in medicine, Professor Harald zur Hausen, human rights and refugee advocate Julian Burnside, Australian of the Year Professor Patrick McGorry, and many respected La Trobe University academics.

La Trobe University on iTunes U plans to develop its content by placing selected courses, more lectures, podcasts and video content online.

‘The quality of our content is very important to us,’ said Professor Rosenberg. ‘We want our audience to know that what they find at La Trobe University on iTunes U is indicative of the excellent research and teaching available at our Melbourne and regional campuses’ he added..

The top 10 podcasts on La Trobe University on iTunes U are:

1. How Islamic banking works – Dr Hayat Khan
2. Climate Change 101 (audio documentary)
3. The Science of Climate Change Skepticism – Dr Andrew Glikson
4. Water Management in Australia – Professor Lin Crase
5. Russian History – Dr Adrian Jones
6. The Evolution of Language – Dr David Bradley
7. The Politics of Climate Change Skepticism – Professor Clive Hamilton
8. Darwin and Social Darwinism – Tony Barta
9. Gay Rights – Professor Dennis Altman
10. In Defence of Dan Brown – Dr Chris Scanlon