Masters Programs – LLM (specialising in Legal Practice)


Graduates of the GDLP apply for admission into the Master of Laws (Legal Practice) by lodging an application with the ANU Admissions Office. Successful applicants will receive status for up to 24 units. They must apply within seven years of the completion of their GDLP and can still do so if the GDLP has been conferred.

The program may be completed over one semester full-time, or up to a maximum of four years part-time (including approved periods of leave).


A minimum of 12 units must be selected from the specialist legal practice courses, listed below, with the remaining 12 units from the non legal practice course selection offered. Fundamentals courses can not be included in the course selection.

All courses are worth 6 units unless otherwise stated.

Legal Practice Courses Offered in 2012

  • Advocacy
  • Commercial Drafting
  • Commonwealth Compensation Law
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Environmental Litigation
  • Federal Litigation
  • Graduate Research Unit (LP) – 12 units (restrictions apply)
  • Human Rights Litigation
  • Law of Corporate Governance
  • Legislation and Legislative Drafting
  • Principles of Evidence under the Uniform Act
  • Public Sector Dispute Management
  • Special Topics in Legal Practice: Negotiation