Lord Monckton – the new Messiah for the fossil fuel lobby arrives in Australia


\"\"So he has arrived and the climate change deniers are all thrilled to bits. But who is this allegedly \’all-knowing\’ Lord Monckton?

Where do we start?

He lied about being a member of the House of Lords; he claims to be a Nobel Prize laureate; reckons he won the Falklands War for Britain; and wants to quarantine all HIV and AIDS sufferers for life. Monckton\’s proper title is the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley and despite two attempts at gaining admission to the House of Lords, failed to receive the support of his peers.

This guy has no credibility: He is being distanced by all involved in debate, except for the worst carbon pollution emitters and the most extreme neo-conservative climate change deniers.

Just because he is an English lord we should take as gospel everything he has to say on climate change given his degree in \”classics\” and diploma in journalism. Obviously this qualifies him so much better to comment on climate science than climate scientists.

The problem is that real climate scientists have to play by the rules (i.e. creating proper peer-reviewed science) whereas the sceptics are only interested in swaying public opinion and creating doubt so they can peddle un-scientific claptrap and mis-information with impunity but will still be reported uncritically by conservative ideologues in the media.

Even the most rudimentary of research on the topic you will know that Monckton\’s claims are false and each have been comprehensively deconstructed by qualified climate scientists time and time again. It is almost like a rerun of the tobacco industry throwing up so called \”experts\” to tell us that tobacco is not harmful to our health.

One comment in the Sydney Morning Herald sums up Monckton very nicely:

Thanks Miranda; I had already decided this guy was an over-bred Tory gas bag but you have clinched the deal for me. The fact that he acted for Thatcher helps me immensely; she is the one who referred to Mandela as a terrorist and has a son who likes to organise coups in African nations for his own benefit? Yeah, that is the broad. I particularly liked Monckton\’s original views that AIDS patients should be quarantined – visionary stuff. I have said it before – when you can find a true scientist I will listen to the sceptics – but some English relic who did nothing except get born into wealth and privilege who no doubt wants to hold onto his wealth and privilege by preventing any of his investments from having to change their ways!