Maghreb federation for promoting higher education cooperation to be set up


This was announced at a two-day meeting for university staff from around the Maghreb states that held recently in Rabat, Morocco.The federation was first proposed during February meeting of the ministerial committee of senior higher education officials from countries of the Arab Maghreb Union, held in Rabat, Morocco.

Participants have put forward a number of tasks that the federation must tackle.

Besides enhancing scientific research cooperation among universities in the Maghreb countries, the federation will promote scientific development through improvement of working conditions for research fellows and the development of suitable research methods and structures as well as calling for increasing funding for the science and technology sector and adopting new approaches based on information, competition, technological development and creativity.

The federation will promote regional consultation in higher education issues including setting up a unified Maghreb university system that will increase the competitiveness of its partner schools and harmonise curricula across countries.

The federation will also represent the Maghreb in international meetings as well as representing the concerns of Maghreb universities.

In order to stop the migration abroad of the Maghreb\’s scientific workforce, the federation will focus in facing the problem of brain drain through preparing common strategy with the Arab Labour Organisation.

The African brain drain problems including Maghreb countries was also discussed by representatives of African immigrant communities in Europe who met in Tripoli for a week-end summit on 9 May, held under the theme , \”A dignified life in Europe or a blessed return to Africa\”, that aimed at examining ways to boost immigrants\’ role in African development and unity.