Marbella University Unveils an MBA Program to \”Save Humanity and the Planet\”



Pollution, contamination, climate change, poverty, rising sea level, unemployment, financial crisis, social unrest, war, and a general lack of trust has taken over as a result.

The world needs new managers and CEOs; new MBAs

The state of humanity and the planet clearly shows: politics has failed, corporations have failed, and most disturbingly even education has failed.

Humanity and the world need new leaders and experts to resolve the global problems. The MBA programs at Marbella University entail a vanguard approach to international business with a strong focus on \”human factors\” and the complexity of today\’s global business world.

\”At Marbella University we take a proactive approach to analyzing the trends and developments of the business world in order to offer an education that prepares students for the challenges they will face in their professional and private life,\” says the University spokesperson.

Vanguard MBA programs set the tone for the future

The Master of Business Administration at Marbella University offers students the choice to specialize in a field of their choice: International Business, Communication & Public Relations, International Marketing, Management of Humanity, Leisure & Tourism Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Online Business, Human Resources Management, Sustainability (Green MBA).

Given the multicultural background of the students that attend Marbella University, participants have the opportunity to extend their personal network of contacts, contributing a priceless value to their future developments.

In the words of the President of Marbella University: \”The state of humanity and the planet clearly shows: most Masters programs are unusable, elitist, soulless products, made by people that don\’t understand anything about human beings and the values of being human!\”

Dr. Schellhammer adds: \”All solutions start with a vanguard education, based on a new understanding of humans and life.\”