Master of Environment


Climate Change Adaptation [from 2011]

This specialisation introduces students to the physical science basis for climate change and its ecological and human health impacts. It examines the different economic instruments and legal tools available or proposed, both nationally and internationally, to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and analyses the various emissions trading regimes.

Economics and Policy

One of the most profound challenges faced by society is how to become sustainable. Addressing this challenge has created exciting careers in environmental economics and policy making across the business, government and community sectors.

Education for Sustainability

Education is an essential element in addressing the pressing environmental problems we are currently facing. The Education for Sustainability programs at Griffith University provide students with the knowledge and skills to be effective environmental educators.

Environmental Protection

This program is designed for graduates with a science or environmental science degree who wish to obtain specialist skills and knowledge to gain further employment opportunities in the field of environmental protection.

Water Resources

This program is designed for graduates from a science degree who wish to obtain specialist environmental training in water management.