Why opt for armed or unarmed security guard training courses



The profession of armed security guards as well as unarmed security guards are gaining momentum lately amid fear of terror attacks and domestic violence. The segment in the human resource industry is attracting more and more job seekers who lovers to be honored while protecting people and property.

If you are one of such youths wishing to make a career in the security guard profession, it is important to consider few basic things before registering for security guard training. One such is whether you are willing to opt for armed guard or unarmed guard.

There’s a good difference between the two segments of the profession apart from the loaded gun part. One such is the salary. The armed security guards are paid much higher than the unarmed colleagues.

In an average the annual salary of an armed security guard is about $59,000 where as the unarmed professional gets about $22,000 a year. This average varies from state to state and city to city like the highest paying cities are Baltimore, Seattle, Washington DC, Arlington and New York City.

It is strongly recommended to register for security training in those cities which offers high pay and where jobs are easily available. Let’s take an example of New York City. It is a great city and is the financial hub of the United States. It has the busiest airport, the UN headquarters and several other important foreign and local businesses. Hence, the job opportunities for security guards are high here compared to most of the cities in the US.