Outdoor solar Christmas lights



Have an eco-friendly Christmas by switching from traditional outdoor Christmas lights to solar powered  Xmas lights. Besides being environmentally friendly, there are many other advantages to solar powered lights.

First, no power outlet is needed. By not having to use electricity, energy is saved and your electric bill is kept down. In addition, there is no more worrying about long extension cords which sometimes can be hazardous. Now, lights can be decoratively placed around the yard in areas that were previously inaccessible.

Solar string lights are quite popular and come in both white and colored light strands. Wrap them around columns or use them to decorate the mailbox.  Solar rope lights are also a favorite. Have some bushes you would like to decorate? Solar net lights can be elegantly draped over bushes, as well as balconies and fences.

Although there are not as many choices as traditional lights, with the growing popularity of solar Christmas lights, more choices are becoming available. Imagine some solar powered candy canes cheerfully lighting the walkway. How about some delicate snowflakes dangling from the trees? A solar Christmas wreath can be placed on the front door, while solar window candles decorate the front window. Planning to put up a nativity scene?  Solar lights can help illuminate the display.

So how does this all work? Lights are connected to a control panel. A solar panel is attached to the control panel which absorbs natural energy from the sun during the day. Simply place the control panel in an area of the yard which attracts the most sunlight.

As the sun goes down in the evening, the lights will turn on automatically. Families can actually make a game out of this. Have each member of the family guess the exact time that the lights will come on. Whoever comes closest wins!

Outdoor solar Christmas lights don\’t only have to be used during the holiday season. White solar string lights can be used as outdoor yard lights for the rest of the year. They can decorate the trees in the backyard or surround a pond. Solar yard lights can greatly beautify the barbecue area along with lighting up the bushes in the backyard. The possibilities are endless.

Outdoor solar Christmas lights can be found in many department stores as well as numerous online sites. For people who like to go green, solar Xmas yard lights are the perfect alternative to traditional outdoor Christmas lights.

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