Better Place named a green game-changer



Better Place has been recognised for its work in driving the biggest shift in transportation for over a century, by being named as one of 50 “green game-changers” in a new global report released by the WWF, the world’s leading conservation body.


he report specifically identifies the landmark Australian clean energy deal Better Place announced with its Canberra partner ActewAGL on 1 June 2011, for the supply of $60 million of renewable energy over 10 years. The energy will be drawn from wind, hydro and solar sources and will be used to power the Better Place electric car charge network in the ACT region.

“We are honoured to be recognised as one of the world’s key green game-changers, and we’re excited to be coming to Australia early in our global rollout – it’s a recognition of our over-arching goal to end the world’s dependence on oil by switching from petrol to electric driving,” said Evan Thornley, CEO of Better Place Australia.

“Previously, Australians have had no choice but to live with the damaging consequences of using petrol as our primary energy source for transportation. We’ve had to accept the pollution, the health impacts, the carbon emissions and the effects on our climate – not to mention the rising cost both for consumers and for business.

“For the first time in history, electric driving gives people a real choice – and for anyone who spends $80 a week or more on petrol, a cheaper choice. When electric cars arrive in Australia in mass volumes next year, individuals and businesses can make a conscious choice to drive something faster, quieter, cheaper and greener. Electric driving on the Better Place network is truly zero-emissions because we only use 100% renewable energy in our network, and that gives people the chance to make a difference both for themselves and for the planet”, Mr Thornley said.

The report also singles out Better Place internationally for its work with the TEN-T, the Trans European Low Carbon Transport Network. TEN-T will be an inter-country transport corridor powered by renewable energy, and made up of existing road and rail infrastructure paired with Battery Switch Stations and Charge Spots for electric cars. Better Place is working on the project with parties across Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.

The WWF compiled the report as part of their 50th anniversary, selecting a range of inspirational examples from around the world, about the way businesses and entrepreneurs are turning environmental challenges into a catalyst for innovation.