Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business


The Programme spans a 8-month period (part-time) and is built around:

  • Three short workshops;
  • Individual work-based assignments;
  • A group research project around an area of mutual relevance.

Participants are supported by a team of expert practioner tutors and benefit from significant opportunities to engage with a wide range of guest contributors drawn from business, NGOs, academia and government. Networking with peers and benchmarking against other organisations are also key elements of the programme.


PCSB uniquely encourages participants to go beyond the practical application of tools and models, to develop insights and world views that make business sense of sustainability. Some of the business challenges explored within the programme include:

• Defining the boundaries of corporate responsibility in relation to today’s global challenges;

• Devising and implementing effective approaches to socially responsible business, which at the same time encourage innovation and competitiveness;

• Responding to the diverse social, environmental and economic expectations of stakeholders and society at large; and

• Identifying the critical skills and experience that will enable an organisation to achieve its sustainability objectives.

How is it Taught?

The programme content is explored predominantly through the three workshops, which take participants on a journey, first building their awareness of key sustainability issues and their relevance to business, then deepening their understanding of the global context in which they operate, and finally exploring practical approaches to achieving change in their organisations.

Each workshop provides a mixture of expert input and commentary, intensive group discussion, facilitated project planning and review, opportunities for peer support and informal networking between participants.

Who should Apply?

PCSB is designed for senior and mid-career managers who want to explore business practices and opportunities in the area of sustainability and are looking to increase their own personal development in the field.

Typical job titles include functional heads such as Director of Marketing, Director of Corporate Communications and Director of Public Affairs; and specialist managers such as Sustainable Development Manager, Environmental Director, Stakeholder Relations Director and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Executive, amongst others.


Successful completion of PCSB results in a Postgraduate Certificate awarded by the University of Cambridge. This carries 60 CATS points at Level M and is equivalent to one-third of a Masters degree.

Candidates who have successfully completed PCSB are welcome to apply for the Master of Studies in Sustainability Leadership also delivered by CPSL. PCSB Alumni on this programme receive a discounted fee and do not undertake the first workshop or first year assignments.

Alternatively, it may be possible to transfer the CATS points to Level M programmes of other higher education institutions. As institutions vary on their policies of accepting transferred credits your should contact your preferred institution for further advice.

Cambridge Sustainability Network

Having attended one of CPSL’s programmes or seminars, delegates join over 4,000 alumni of CPSL in the Cambridge Sustainability Network (CSN).The CSN is an international network of sustainability leaders comprising some of the most senior decision-makers in business, the public sector and civil society. Members come from many sectors and regions, and include faculty, tutors, contributors and supporters of CPSL’s work, many of whom are the world’s leading experts in their field.

The network is increasingly seen as a major consultative forum for policy makers and other decision-makers around the world, and members are regularly invited to take part in consultation processes that offer benefits to all involved.Membership of this network offers a means of keeping abreast of the debate, and provides further inspiration, encouragement, support and advice to those wishing to help their organisations take a lead on sustainability issues.

The CSN supports and encourages its members to remain engaged with sustainability issues after they have returned to their organisations, to share knowledge, foster cooperation and achieve real change.

Entry requirements

Prospective participants must be able to demonstrate:

• Possession of an acceptable first degree or equivalent professional qualification;

• An acceptable ability in written and spoken English language;

• An endorsement from their employing institution or, if independent, from an acceptable institution familiar with their work;

• Access to appropriate computer technology and internet software; and

• An ability to pay the course fees or to identify a sponsoring institution.

To ensure a balanced group of around 42 participants, Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership reserves the right to decline applications in certain cases; you are therefore advised to apply as early as possible.