Does the U.S. President love his children too? What the Clean Air Act means for you.



According to my various environmental pals over at \”Friends of the Earth\” and \”Greenpeace\”, the U.S. President slashed away with enforcing stricter laws in the Clean Air Act, for this further impacts asthma for children and lung damage in adults.  It makes me wonder, does he love his own children too?

These standards as created would help save about 12,000 lives, in an attempt for Americans to breathe better.

The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA assists in prevent environmental related deaths for over 200,000 lives by the year 2020.  Why spend money to promote green growth when you bite the hand that feeds you?  There is no loyalty when you stand on both sides of the fence.  Perhaps the storm and earthquakes that passed through the White House last week were not strong indications that good change is essential.

Per today\’s New York Times article it stated that, “…my administration will continue to vigorously oppose efforts to weaken EPA\’s authority under the Clean Air Act or dismantle the progress we have made…”.  This is a sad state of affairs.  It\’s bad enough for not having a job report last month, now we have to concern ourselves towards the weakening of our own safety, thanks to our leaders who impose risks.

I would love to have faith in the American system but only if it benefits all of us.  Why is it not a \’burden\’ to make corporations responsible as a result?  The same programs politics pushed for completely contradicts one\’s person ROI (return on investment) on creating further employment, and to pave the way for cleaner technologies to surface.

Sadly I am a product of the same stimulus package that makes it possible for me to presently have a green job.  Now there is this whirlwind of a cloudy reality that a person\’s worth in his or her health is a little devalued.

It is imperative to contact politicians, and the one in charge, to state that the Clean Air Act is vital, significant, and necessary.

It makes me wonder that, whenever I look at my little paystub as it barely helps to pay the bills, to realize that at the end of the day, I truly hope the President loves his children too.

Peace+Godsend. :)