Reasons to pursue an online degree


For some students, learning in the traditional classroom setting is ideal. They enjoy the social aspect of being among peers, in addition to the personal interaction with professors. Class discussions, campus activities and face-to-face relationships are all part of the conventional university experience. Yet not all students have the luxury or schedule to attend a four-year university with the traditional classroom responsibilities.

In fact, some students find that the traditional college classroom works against their learning strengths and busy lifestyles. Older students, ranging in age from the mid-twenties and up, are usually just looking to attain a degree or certification, while also balancing families and work schedules. The experience of college life is not always something people want or need. For students who feel this way, online degrees offer a unique opportunity to achieve their educational goals, while avoiding the drawbacks of traditional university life.

The perception of online education has changed dramatically since its inception in the late 1990’s. Initially, online degrees were met with skepticism from higher-education purists who doubted the credibility of online teaching methods. The academic elite rejected the idea of distance learning as a suitable alternative to classroom participation. Today, online curriculums are widely available at universities all over the United States, including some Ivy League universities.

Online degrees work for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. For example, working professionals may not see going back to college as a realistic option. Finding the time and energy after a full work day for an extensive night class can be counterproductive to learning. Entering an environment physically exhausted and mentally drained will immediately put the student at a disadvantage. In this instance, online courses are a welcome alternative, since the class participation has a more flexible schedule.

Online courses provide students the opportunity to learn and complete the coursework at their own pace in a productive, comfortable environment. However,  deciding to pursue an online degree is the easy part. Sifting through the plethora of online programs is where the real challenge lies. Though the sheer volume of available programs may seem overwhelming, sites, such as, have made the process much easier. Here, you can narrow your search down by degree level, category, and subject – ensuring you find the right fit.