Report: The best States for green job growth


America\’s biggest cities are going green. If you\’re looking for a job in sustainability, New York City, San Francisco and Chicago all rank in\’s top cities for green careers. The 2010 Census revealed that more Americans have been migrating toward cities over the last decade. In order to support the needs of these growing populations, cities are turning to sustainability professionals to create more efficient communities.

California is the beacon of eco-conciousness in the U.S., but New York, Illinois and Colorado have a growing number of green jobs. Job seekers with experience in energy efficiency have the best chance to succeed in some of America\’s largest states.


Silicon Valley has a close eye on the sustainability industry, so it\’s no wonder that California offers the best prospects for eco-friendly professionals.


San Francisco has the most green job listings of any city in the country, according to Most of these jobs deal with clean energy and energy storage. San Francisco rivals New York City in terms of cost of living and population density. Energy-efficient solutions will help these cities support their growing populations in responsible ways.


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Los Angeles is sixth on the list of green cities. This sprawling metropolitan city has equally urgent problems: pollution, water and transportation stand out.

New York

The city that never sleeps is looking for eco-friendly professionals to continue the gentrification that began in the 1980s. New York City has the third highest amount of available green jobs. Search job-listing databases and you\’ll find positions in construction, solar energy, big data and engineering. Experience in sustainability will give you a leg up on other prospective New York residents. chief executive Gautam Godhwani notes that New York is ripe with opportunity.


\”In New York, we see a high concentration of green engineer positions in the public and private sector,\” Godhwani told, \”as well as positions related to the collection and analysis of environmental impact data.\”


One of the most forward-thinking states in the Union, Colorado is an intriguing destination for sustainability professionals. Colorado\’s well-documented \”green\” (as in marijuana) industry gets most of the attention, but Denver was in the top 10 on Simply Hired\’s list. Home to the Vesta Wind Systems, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and a number of other eco-friendly firm, Colorado may offer the brightest positions for sustainability professionals. Colorado is particularly appealing to young professionals who can\’t afford to live in the U.S.\’ largest markets. Denver has lower cost of living expenses than most other cities on the list. Professionals looking for an affordable apartment in the heart of Denver can live comfortably.


Chicago was sixth on the list of top cities for green job. Downtown Chicago and the surrounding suburbs offer plenty of opportunities for environment, energy and sustainability professionals. The Illinois Environment Protection Agency offers hundreds of job opportunities around the state. Chicago currently pumps nearly a billion gallons of water daily from Lake Michigan, then sends sewage to the Gulf of Mexico. The Chicago Tribune recently outlined this unsustainable process, noting that creative solutions have the chance to create jobs and reduce Chicago\’s waste.


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