Shanghai World Expo Australia-China Dialogue


The Second Track Dialogue component of the Australia-China Futures Dialogue will be held in the Australian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo as part of a joint initiative between the Queensland Government and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Oceania Month activities on 12 August.

Ms Lyndall Sachs, Commissioner General for Australia, World Exposition 2010, will open the dialogues.

Griffith Asia Institute Director Professor Andrew O’Neil said Asia will confront some serious transnational challenges in the early part of the twenty-first century.

“Foremost among these will be achieving sustainable economic development in an era of climate change,” he said.

“This is a challenge that cannot be met by one country alone — it requires regional cooperation among like-minded countries and a leading role for non-government organisations, including business.

“Above all, it will require new and innovative approaches that are ambitious while at the same time relevant to policy makers and corporate leaders.”

The Second Track Dialogue will be divided into three sessions designed to explore the meanings of sustainability, the impact of climate change on economic sustainability, and sustainable tourism and economic growth.

This will result in an outcomes paper, which will provide policy recommendations based on the outcomes of the three sessions held at the Shanghai World Expo.

“The aim is for the dialogue and resulting outcomes paper to promote discussion and ideas on future-oriented policy issues that support Queensland’s and Australia’s economic and social development in the region,” Professor O’Neil said.

“The process provides an avenue for regional experts to express ideas that can influence future policy decisions.”

The annual Second Track Dialogue is part of the Australia-China Futures Dialogues, a Griffith Asia Institute initiative in partnership with Peking University and supported by the Queensland Government.

Griffith University is well positioned to lead the discussions as Australia’s top university in the environmental sciences. Another exciting Queensland Government supported partnership between Griffith University and China is a climate change project by Griffith University’s Professor Roger Kitching AM who has been awarded funding through the inaugural Queensland Government and Chinese Academy of Sciences Joint Biotechnology Project Program.

This project will construct and present scientific tools for measuring and monitoring the impact of climate change on and biodiversity in rainforests in Queensland and China.