Stephen Raburn + Associates (SRA)


Stephen Raburn + Associates (SRA) is an exciting, multi-faceted company based in downtown Durham, NC. The company provides a number of unique products and services to capitalize on its founder’s primary areas of expertise: nonprofit training and consultation; publishing; and philanthropy through three distinct subdivisions: SRA Consulting; SRA Publishing and SRA Foundation for Children.

SRA Consulting

Particularly during these uncertain economic times, smart nonprofit boards and managers recognize the wisdom of seeking outside expert input and the value of cost-effective consultation and training in an effort to strengthen its infrastructure and gain a competitive edge when it comes to fund development.

With +20 years experience in the nonprofit industry, much of that time in a leadership capacity, SRA founder/principal Stephen Raburn is recognized as a leader in the nonprofit community and has developed a myriad of products and services designed to strengthen nonprofit organizations. The ultimate goal is to help nonprofits, whatever their mission, maximize their potential.

Consulting and Training Products/Services:

  • Grant writing (government, foundation, corporate, community)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Training/Workshops (fundraising, evaluation, governance)
  • Conferences/Seminars
  • Prominent Speaker series
  • “Strategies for Effective Fundraising” manual
  • Coalition of Nonprofit Agencies
  • Outcome Measurement and Evaluation Plans
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Board/Staff Retreat Facilitation
  • Assets and Liabilities Tool
  • Tele-seminars, Webinars
  • How to Start a Nonprofit Organization
  • Leadership Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship 101

SRA Publishing

The publishing division provides a mechanism for creating and disseminating important and creative products for multiple purposes: (a) supplementing the work of the consulting division with a number of professional books, manuals, training programs, etc. (b) circulating information on timely and important topics related to the well-being of children, (c) generating revenue for the foundation, and (d) providing a publishing outlet for other writers.

The publishing division of Stephen Raburn + Associates produces a number of niche publications each year.

SRA Foundation for Children

Proceeds generated through the company are donated to a separate 501-c-3 charitable grant-making foundation for the purposes of supporting deserving child-serving organizations.

In addition to grant making, the Foundation for Children is committed to being a catalyst for positive advances in the condition of children by convening think tanks, distributing research findings, identifying best practice models, facilitating workshops and conferences and providing resources for child-serving organizations.