Striving for a smoke-free environment is a hard habit to break


\"\"We often take for granted the amount of litter accumulated as we attempt but fail to apply basic fundamental skills, as clean-up efforts and conscious decisions are often missed or neglected.  Stress triggers this nuisance related habit as one tries to either apply cessation techniques or, folks remain completely enslaved to a psychological trap, as they believe smoking is a losing battle.

Meanwhile we poison our neighborhoods, the public and our bodies.  We inhale the bad stuff.  We toss out our finished cigarette ends outside our cars, parks and beaches.  We create these permanent toxins within our bloodstream and lungs.  We infect the surrounding air and water supplies, further risking our precious environment.  It is rather amazing how we lack willpower inadvertently, by not finding solutions to the problems we cause.  The real question to pose is, how can we create behavioral issues when we lack self-control?

Climate changes occur as we try containing emotions daily through the highs and lows of life, with more to be said about the addictive aspects of smoking.  In America, there is nearly 1/3 of the population who smoke regularly.  According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in the US (, there are about 7,000+ chemicals in tobacco products including tar, nicotine and carbon dioxide.  These contaminants run into our sacred water and air, heightening risks to crops, forming additional garbage from packs purchased and creating  solid waste in over 4 trillion cigarette butts.

Advertising and market media provides spin cycles on images to entice others as they make a profit nonetheless, it discourages our chances to real elimination of this tainted and target product.

The thing to strive for is to tell ourselves we are invincible, that there is more to life than a product, as we must have faith in ourselves to want to change for the better.  With a wing and a prayer we should learn to just say no.  Prevention starts within ourselves one breathe at a time, as true responsibilty should prevail, as improving our behavior ultimately saves the planet, as this should remain our top priority.