Summer Vacation on a Student Budget



Forget the holidays, for most college students summer is the most wonderful time of the year. While the rest of us continue to trudge along at work, they get to enjoy all the luxuries of an extended vacation.

Students already enjoy a whole lot of discounts including entrance into movie theaters and theme parks. However, you can only go to so many movies and unless you\’re in a city filled with theme parks eventually the dog days of summer will become mind numbing.

There are several travel discounts available for students though, whether you plan on getting to a prime vacation spot by plane, train or boat.

STA Travel – Probably the best known student travel discounter is STA. Offering discounts on flights, hotels and hostels, tours and even insurance for travelers. Discover America with a tour through Yosemite Park, fly out to Fiji or take a Caribbean cruise all at prices a college student can afford. The site also has last minute deals where students can save even more.

Amtrak – Usually when you think about a vacation, you think about flying out somewhere or maybe a cruise. However, Amtrak offers student discounts for those looking to get around for cheap. For $20 students can save 15% off adult Amtrak tickets all year long. The card also provides savings for retail stores like Target and Macy\’s, Apple and T-mobile. So if you\’re looking to get away without breaking the bank, consider taking a mode of transportation that has been used for over a century.

Student Universe – Besides the typical travel and hotel packages this website offers a bevy of activities to choose from in various cities. If you are in driving distance to some larger cities you may be surprised to discover what you\’ve missed out on. Whether you\’re interested in taking a fishing charter off the coast of Florida, flying in a helicopter over Grand Canyon or taking a Steamboat ride through NOLA take the time to enjoy some new activities that are closer than you think.

Travelling abroad is another way a student can see the world without having to break the bank. Scholarships and grants are often available to help students cover the costs of expenses overseas.

If you’re stuck at home during summer break, maybe you should consider taking a summer course. While it may not seem ideal you’ll be one step ahead and more likely to get back into the swing of things come fall semester. Ideally, you could take an online course which can work around your oh-so-busy tanning schedule.