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How 3D printing threatens our patent system

How 3D printing threatens our patent system

Remember Napster or Grokster? Both services allowed users to share computer files – usually digital music – that infringed the copyrights for those songs. Now imagine that, instead of music, you could download a physical object. Sounds like something from a sci-fi movie – push a button and there’s the item! But that scenario is […] … learn more→

The printed face is just the beginning of a 3D revolution

The news that a man in Wales was able to have his face reconstructed after a serious motorbike accident has brought the wonder of 3D printing to the mainstream. It’s the result of changes in regulation and improvements in the technology and is the start of something much, much bigger. The use of a combination […] … learn more→

3D printing market is booming as the buzz catches on

3D printing stocks jumped early this week following analyst Kenneth Wong’s assertion that the market could triple in the next five years. But why the sudden attention? The possible economic impact of 3D printing is indeed significant. Currently, the size of the industry for 3D printing equipment and services is estimated at around £1.43 billion […] … learn more→