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Interview with William Ringenberg on Christian Colleges and Academic Freedom

Interview with William Ringenberg on Christian Colleges and Academic Freedom

William Ringenberg is a Professor of History at Taylor University and the author of the new book, The Christian College and the Meaning of Academic Freedom: Truth-Seeking in Community (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). AcademeBlog co-editor John K. Wilson interviewed Ringenberg via email about his new book. John K. Wilson: You seem to agree with Michael McConnell’s […] … learn more→

The global war on academic freedom

The global war on academic freedom

Earlier this week, Robert Quinn, the executive director of Scholars at Risk, an international network of higher education institutions in 39 countries with headquarters at New York University, published an op-ed piece in the Washington Post entitled “The War on Education.”  The attack last week at Pakistan’s Bacha Khan University that killed 22 and wounded dozens more […] … learn more→

The media view of Academic freedom, a century ago

The media view of Academic freedom, a century ago

Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of a famous editorial in the New York Times denouncing academic freedom, one that I quote in my article about the media and academic freedom in the new issue of Academe. Reacting to an AAUP report about the firing of Scott Nearing by the University of Pennsylvania, the New York […] … learn more→

Is academic freedom a license to provoke without consequences?

Does academic freedom entitle university professors to be as provocative as they wish when expressing their views on issues of the day? This question has come alive with three recent cases involving professors making politically charged – some would say incendiary – statements on controversial issues. Are professors just people with jobs? The first case […] … learn more→

Misunderstanding academic freedom… again and again

Last month, Notre Dame professor Patrick Deneen, who should know better, described academic freedom as permitting “the airing and defense of any and all views.” It is not so simple as that, of course. As the 1940 AAUP Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure puts it, there are (as most of us know) […] … learn more→

Is teaching \’junk science\’ protected by academic freedom?

Ball State University is embroiled in controversy over a course offered by its physics and astronomy department, called \”The Boundaries of Science.\” The Freedom From Religion Foundation has complained that the course isn’t science but religious indoctrination, and that because Ball State is a public university, offering the course violates the church-state separation required by […] … learn more→

Outsourced lectures raise concerns about academic freedom

Students at Massachusetts Bay Community College this year got a rare opportunity to take a computer-science course designed and taught online by some of the top professors in the field. The 17 students in a programming course at MassBay\’s Wellesley Hills campus watched recorded lectures and completed online homework assignments created by professors at the […] … learn more→

The porn star banned from Pasadena

Last week, porn star James Deen spoke to a class at Pasadena City College, but administrators banned a planned public event with Deen. In a press release misleadingly titled, “PCC Instructor Agrees To Cancel Public Event,” the PCC administration claimed, “Pasadena City College administrators met with instructor Hugo Schwyzer today and came to agreement to […] … learn more→

A Professor vs. Fox News

Students in a political science class at West Liberty University were given an assignment recently to keep a \”politics journal\” in which they would record their reactions to various articles they had selected. The instructor at the West Virginia public institution included some possible news sources, such as The Economist, BBC, CNN and The Huffington […] … learn more→