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The NFL and Accreditation

The NFL and Accreditation

“We exist explicitly to rip off students as brutally as possible and we will deliberately provide no education in any form.” –this could be the corporate model and official slogan of many schools, and accreditation would have no problem at all with it, as per their written policies. It’s been a while since I’ve talked […] … learn more→

Accreditation reformers propose a model of their own

Accreditation reformers propose a model of their own

Amid all the talk about fixing accreditation, a new education consultancy based in Silicon Valley is proposing a new model for assessing educational quality. The model, from Entangled Solutions, calls for evaluating traditional institutions and other education providers based on students’ opinions of the programs once they’ve left, and on “valid, reliable, and appropriate” tests […] … learn more→

Dept of Education: Accreditors clueless

Time and again I’ve pointed out how accreditation has been taken over by the same bloated and overpaid administration that’s destroying higher education. One of the biggest signs of this is the dwindling faculty on campus; although the student base of many of our universities and colleges has doubled, and doubled again, full time faculty […] … learn more→

Plundered school struggles to survive

Across the country, an untouchable caste of administrators is bent on plundering our institutions of higher education, grabbing every penny while everyone else involved in the institution looks on in despair. The gentle reader might believe I overuse the word “untouchable,” but I want to once again demonstrate it really is the most accurate word […] … learn more→

More dark education arts

So I’m looking at a typical institution of higher education, this one passing itself off as an art school, the Academy of Art University (AAU). Alas, higher education has fallen so far that “typical school” means “school focused on drawing in as many students in as possible, sucking them dry of their student loan money, […] … learn more→

The dark arts of Higher Ed

A recent Forbes article decides to have an easy day: it shreds the shenanigans going on at an art school. It does a good job, but, as is so often the case, misses some important details which explain how the atrocities can take place. The article focuses on the life of the Poo Bah at […] … learn more→

The Accreditation wars: Where are the faculty?

Inside Higher Ed has since its creation some years ago earned a largely justified reputation as a site more hospitable to views outside of the educational establishment and, in particular, views reflecting faculty experiences than other media covering higher education.  Therefore it was disappointing this morning to read Doug Lederman’s lengthy article on debates over […] … learn more→

Accreditors to clamp down? Unlikely.

Across the country, many of our institutions of higher education are in full-pillage mode. Legitimate students are being lured in, sold bogus coursework in giant lecture halls, and spit out six years later, deep in debt with only a worthless degree to show for it. Bogus students are being signed up, sold bogus coursework in […] … learn more→

Universities ripping their own hearts out

It’s so hard not to point at the many failings of accreditation when looking at higher education today. Once again, I’m going to point out more of the madness, and I’ll try to refrain from discussing how if accreditation had anything to do with education, the insanity would not be possible in accredited institutions. A […] … learn more→