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Don’t stay in school

Don’t stay in school

There is a huge glut of graduate school-graduates who are basically unemployable. Part of the reason for the unemployability of these people is many of these degrees are bogus, either “for profit” degrees purchased online or in fields of no actual demand. Adding to the unemployability of the graduate degree is an undeserved “joker” quality […] … learn more→

Adjunct abuse might end?

Adjunct abuse might end?

I’ve written more than a few times of horrible treatment of the typical college professor now. The adjunctification of higher education has been a secret for years, and it’s long past time that people know that getting a really good education can lead, not to riches, or to even security, but to sub-minimum wage jobs, […] … learn more→

An Adjunct’s farewell

To my students at Assumption College: I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, but to answer the question many of you have asked: No, I will not be teaching at Assumption College again next year. Although I did receive an offer to return, the conditions that led me to decline that offer are most likely […] … learn more→

Food banks rescuing College professors

Few outside my blog realize that the typical college professor is an “adjunct”, a minimally paid, no-benefits, “temporary” worker that can easily be temporary for a decade or more. Even with college tuition rising, and rising, and rising, college administrators, when asked about the abuse they give to educators, are told that “budget considerations” just […] … learn more→

An Adjunct dies honorably

I’ve written a few times of the incredibly exploitative system that is the fate of most faculty in higher education today: adjuncthood. Instead of teaching and research in a professional job, the reward for many of our highly educated members of society is subsistence living on the fringe, earning less than minimum wage working for […] … learn more→

Only the 1% can afford to teach in Higher Education

This is a republish of this article. I apologize for the hyperbole in the title, since it’s not particularly true today. But the trend in higher education is such that it will be true soon enough. People are indebting themselves for the rest of their lives for higher education, they should know just a bit […] … learn more→

4 faculty apply as 1 administrator

Faculty members always grind their teeth when an administrator leaves. It isn’t simply that now we’ll have to deal with the mess the administrator left behind, nor is it the frustration of realizing that the new administrator will get paid even more than the old…and that the new admin’s higher pay will be used to […] … learn more→

Only the 1% can afford to teach in Higher Education, part 2

Only the 1% can afford to teach in Higher Education, part 2

Last time I discussed a serious change in higher education: the replacement of the faculty by part-time, minimally paid, no benefit “adjuncts”. Such adjuncts now teach the majority of classes in our colleges and universities, and represent a serious savings, costing only 25% (often, much less) of having full time faculty teach the course. For […] … learn more→

The perfect storm for Adjuncts in Illinois

The Great Recession impacted everyone, but it contributed to a real hit for public college and university adjunct faculty. Pressures on budgets over decades have slowly increased higher education’s dependence on adjunct faculty. Now they are a majority of teachers at all levels, and an astonishing 80 percent at community colleges. They form a pool […] … learn more→