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Axing A-level art history only amplifies class divides

Axing A-level art history only amplifies class divides

Posh, soft, elite, decorative on the one hand, unreadably intellectual, dry and obscure on the other. Either too soft or too tough. So let’s cheer as the last chance for it to be studied at A-level gets binned. That’s art history for you, according to the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones, venting his class spleen against the […] … learn more→

How an art history class became more engaging with Twitter

When I was a college student, art history courses revolved around a 1960s-era carousel slide projector. Its monotonous humming and clicking in the darkened lecture hall often put my classmates to sleep. For years, technology used in college art history classrooms was limited. Only in the past decade have departments transitioned from using the Kodak […] … learn more→

Falling to future-porn: The demise of art history and the rise of university marketing

The impending closure of art history at La Trobe University,Australia, has drawn sharp criticism from academics. They have pointed out that students enjoy art history: it is economical, has enduring value and demonstrably excellent outcomes. Alas, this mystery of a discipline loved by students and scorned by deans belongs to a larger trend in universities, […] … learn more→

Master of Arts (Art history)

The Art History specialisation in the Master of Arts is designed for students who have completed a program of undergraduate studies, usually not in this discipline, who seek advanced qualifications for employment in the broad Art History sector. … learn more→