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Cosmic motion offers \’new window\’ on evolving Universe

The first observation of a cosmic effect could give astronomers a new tool for understanding the forces behind the Universe\’s formation and growth, including the enigmatic phenomena of dark energy and dark matter. An international team led by Princeton University, and including Oxford University scientists, has detected the movement of distant galaxy clusters via the […] … learn more→

New astronomy tool peers through the heart of the Milky Way

A powerful new tool for probing the structure of our galaxy has been developed by astronomers associated with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, including two Penn State astronomers. The new tool is an infrared spectrograph for the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE). It is the newest instrument deployed by the Sloan Digital Sky […] … learn more→

City lights could reveal extraterrestrial civilization

Astronomers searching for extraterrestrial intelligence typically have mined for radio signals and ultra-short laser pulses, but researchers from Princeton and Harvard universities now suggest a seemingly more straightforward method — see who\’s left the light on. Edwin Turner, a professor in Princeton\’s Department of Astrophysical Sciences, and Avi Loeb, professor and chair of Harvard\’s Department […] … learn more→