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Mining\’s small change

Could Australia end up with little to show for its mining boom — as an echo of what happened to Nauru once its considerable phosphate wealth was exhausted? Close examination of the proposed Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) reveals serious flaws that could leave the federal government well short of the forecast revenue. It is […] … learn more→

Women’s toilets in Australia: the writing is on the wall

La Trobe University’s Dr Jan Schapper recently completed a study into signage and writing on women’s toilets in Australia. The research, just published in the international journal, “Gender, Place and Culture”, has come under fire from some sections of the media. Schapper explains the reasons behind her research, and what toilet walls say about our […] … learn more→

Super models – using maths to mitigate natural disasters

Last year will go on record as one of significant natural disasters both in Australia and overseas. Indeed, the flooding of the Brisbane River in January is still making news as the Queensland floods inquiry investigates whether water released from Wivenhoe Dam was responsible. Water modelling is being used to answer the question: could modelling […] … learn more→

Macquarie University

With the high calibre of Macquarie’s courses and teaching staff, it is not surprising that their graduates are highly sought after: Macquarie’s graduate starting salaries have been amongst the highest in Australia for more than a decade (The Good Universities Guide 1998-2011). About us As a Macquarie University student you will join a diverse and […] … learn more→

The future of transnational education

Are we witnessing the death throes of transnational education? At least within Australia, transnational education (TNE) has been a key aspect of the internationalisation strategies of tertiary institutions. Universities in other parts of the world have not all joined Australia in this activity. The Erasmus Programme has been an important tool for European internationalisation strategies […] … learn more→

Marriage helps reduce crime

More than half of all murders in Australia involve family members. The majority of them are committed by men who kill their partners. Here, as in many other countries, violence in the home is a major social problem. So it may come as a surprise to learn that marriage and other adult family relationships can […] … learn more→

Australia could lead with world\’s cheapest renewable energy

Australia has the potential to produce some of the world\’s cheapest renewable energy, meeting all its energy demands by 2050, in line with the release of a major new study by WWF. The Energy Report, which breaks new ground with its global study of total energy needs, including transport and energy availability, found that the […] … learn more→