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Sorry, marketers, but I am not your brand

Sorry, marketers, but I am not your brand

Dear Philip, Please find attached an amended version of your slides for your mini lecture, “Artificial Intelligence, Atom By Atom”, as part of our virtual open day events. I’ve blended your slides with our template. Is that OK? Many thanks… That is an excerpt from an email I received recently from our external relations and marketing […] … learn more→

What is the point of “re-branding” if the new brand is not unique?

New University of Akron President Scott Scarborough announced in May that the school was being rebranded as “Ohio’s polytechnic university.” He justified the change by asserting that the university “needs a new, distinct identity to attract students and survive in the future.” But, according to an article by Rick Armon published in the Akron Beacon-Journal, […] … learn more→

New rules for branding on the job search

Advice about developing a personal brand is widely accepted because it is effective. But, in today’s economy, there are new rules for personal branding, especially on the job search. Traditionally, your personal brand is the absolute best of yourself. It is purposefully unique and encompasses the kind of problems you solve, the way that you […] … learn more→