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Fearing backlash, powerful women curtail how much they talk at work

Concerned about the negative consequences of appearing to be too outspoken, powerful women talk less than others in their organizations, while powerful men talk more, according to research by Victoria Brescoll, assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Yale School of Management. Brescoll studied the amount of time men and women in powerful roles talk. […] … learn more→

Foreign language thoughts boost risk-taking

When people consider a problem in a foreign language, they are more likely to take favorable risks and make more rational decisions—a finding that could have implications for business in a global economy. “We know from previous research that because people are naturally loss-averse, they often forgo attractive opportunities,” says Boaz Keysar, professor of psychology […] … learn more→

Do schools and corporations mix?

The furore following the announcement that Jenny Craig CEO Amy Smith would address a gathering of hundreds of girls\’ school teachers has once again brought the uncomfortable issue of corporate presence in schools to light. The public response – that school groups should not be seen to endorse the dieting industry – is certainly warranted. […] … learn more→

7 personal branding trends for job search in 2012

I’ve been in the business of helping people build their brands for a decade and each year, I publish my personal branding trends for job seekers. Take a look at this year’s trends and decide which will help give you an edge and attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. 1. Headshots everywhere Do […] … learn more→